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          I will review fiction and non-fiction ebooks at affordable prices.

         This is ideal for the beginning author. You would like your book reviewed, but you are
      shocked by the high fees of other reviewers such as Kirkus .
      I review both fiction and non-fiction.
      I review from the perspective of a potential reader.

      I will review the following aspects:
      Title: Does title attract readers?
      Book Description: Does description fit the book and will it attract readers?
      Hook: Does the story concept attract readers?
      First Pages: Is the beginning of the book engaging?
      Characters: Are the characters believable?
      Plot: Is the plot exciting? Is it clear and understandable?
      Emotional Story: Are the characters human or flat and uninteresting?
      Middle: Many books, even great ones, sometimes sag in the middle.
      I will evaluate if interest is maintained throughout.
      Ending: Is the ending satisfying? Is the payoff for the reader's hard
      work reading it satisfactory?
      Why get a review?
      The truth is there are so many ebooks submitted
      to Amazon and Smashwords, even great books get ignored.
      So the new writer lacks a sounding board or feedback for their hard work.
      Also, the sites don't judge or evaluatesubmitted manuscripts.
      On the surface, this seems good. Your book will be published
      unless there are egregious formatting errors.
      So you look to reviews from readers to give your book a boost.
      But even with free downloads, readers often don't bother to review.
      Finally, before spending a lot of money on marketing, an inexpensive review
      may assure your ebook meets readers expectations.
      How do we review so inexpensively?
      First, I love to read. I often read three books a week.
      Second, I read fast.
      Third. Before I agree to review a book, I'll decide if I have an
      interest based on the genre.
      Quick turnaround. I'll review only three books a week.
      Next, I'll only do an error count. I won't fix all the typos
      formatting errors for the low price.
      Next, this is a three month test run. If it turns out the work
      needed is more extensive, I'll re-evaluate.
      How will the process work?
      1) Email a description of the book, and its genre.
      2) If the book seems interesting, I'll give instructions to send
      the word.doc version. If your book is available on Amazon or
      Smashwords, I can download that.
      3) After payment, I'll review the book within a week.
      4) The completed 400 word review for novels and 250 words
      for short stories will be sent within a week.
      5) The review will include a number 1 through 5, 5 being loved it.
      6) If the number is 4 or 5, I can place the review in your
      feedback page on Amazon or Smashwords.
      Short Story: Less Then 10,000 Words ..... $10.00
      Medium Length:10,001 to 15,000 .............. $15.00
      Medium Length: 15,000 to 30,000 Words $20.00
      Novel: More then 30,000 Words ................ $25.00
      Pay through Paypal
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     Detailed Instructions
      Contact jamesoctavo7@gmail.com